Meet The Owner, Professional Artist Michael Damico

Professional Artist, Michael Damico
Professional Artist and Custom Framer, Michael Damico

Michael Damico, owner and main operator of Damico Frame & Art Printing, has 17 years of experience as a craftsman of custom picture frames. He has 24 years of experience as a highly accomplished professional artist. Michael acquired a 10-year career in graphic design before he ever attended college. His personal, academic, and professional studies of various aspects of art and design instilled an attention to detail and strict discipline in his personal art productions. That has carried over into custom picture frames, photo restoration, fine art, giclee prints, and even installations of cherished photos, artwork, and special projects.

Born in Nashville, Michael began displaying a natural talent for the craft at a very early age. What began with pencils and detailed illustrations later developed into representational figurative painting and fine art. Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies. He also received an Associate Degree in Studio Art from the University of Central Florida in 2005. He continued independently studying art and human anatomy in order to calibrate his skills as a professional portrait artist. Michael eventually favored oils and acrylics on canvas.

Michael the Artist

“I think the human face is an endless puzzle,” says Michael. “I love cracking codes and when I’m painting faces, the problem solving turns into a form of meditation. Everything in the world vanishes except for the highly complex code right in front of me.”

Despite the greater risk for error, Michael prefers working with large-scale projects because of the opportunity it provides for detail. His philosophy is that the “values of light and dark are the master and that color is the slave to value. If the value is right, the color will work. Without value there is no form.”

Michael is exceptionally intuitive and socially perceptive. As such, he has the unique ability to see through your lens in order to help you discover what you are trying to find. He can sort through your confusion and interpret your needs to you.

As a highly skilled and dynamic professional artist, his framing designs and concepts are always fresh and original. As a professional framer in Franklin, TN, he is motivated by your satisfaction, high-quality products, and the steady process of creating your special projects. To learn more about Michael, send an email or contact him at 615-815-6015.


Company History

The array of services available through Damico Frame & Art Printing originate at Frame & Art Gallery, an established business formerly located in Fort Myers, Florida. Since our beginning in 2006, we have greatly expanded our skills and resources. That allows us to provide customers with a much greater selection of products and services. We are a DBA company under Michael Damico Designs, Inc.

Middle Tennessee is home to Michael, so he moved Damico Frame & Art Printing to Franklin, Tennessee in 2011. Even after 10 years in business, we still continue to pay close attention to local, national, and foreign art trends. We do this while still maintaining an eye for the classics.

We adapt to cultural trends and technological advancements as necessary. However, our pricing and services remain current and competitive. These include: custom picture frames, high quality prints, art brokering, art reproduction, installations, giclee, wide format scanning and printing, and canvas prints, aluminum, and other substrates.

We have over 100 years combined experience in art and design. Yet, our team of professional artists maintains ongoing and extensive training in printing, graphic design, computer technology, design fundamentals, and art history. We look forward to serving your framing and printing needs in Nashville, TN and the entire online community. Call us today at 615-815-6015 and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest custom projects and installations we are working on!