Hire a Professional to Hang Pictures

picture hangingHave you just moved into your new home? Do you have some new pieces to add to your collection? Well, anyone who has ever tried hanging pictures knows how frustrating the process can be. There is the measuring, the eye-balling, and the smashed thumb.

And don’t forget the anticipation of spackling to fill in those extra holes you made in the wall for picture hanging. This goes from everything to photo frames and canvas prints to fine art and a pesky shadow box.

It is our job to sort through all of the variables in hanging pictures, mirrors, or art. These include material, weight, shape, size, as well as the best places for hanging and how to group them on the wall. And how many times have you backed away from that photo you hung while holding your breath because you just knew it was going to fall off?

When you hire a picture hanging professional, especially one with an artistic eye, you can rest assured that your photos and artwork will be hung securely and properly. Hiring a professional to hang your pictures will also save you a smashed finger or two as well as stress and grief. Call us today for an estimate at 615-815-6015.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Hang Artwork

picture hangingAs a lifelong and accomplished artist, Michael Damico has a keen sense for what is pleasing to the eye. He applies that discipline and sensibility to professional framing.

The team at Damico Gallery is trained to safely handle and install artwork, mirrors, as well as special projects in corporate businesses, museums, and galleries. Damico knows how to safely affix framed items and projects to walls of all kinds such as brick, stucco, stone walls, concrete, or drywall.

If you are looking for the appropriate and best arrangement to enrich the look and feel of your home, office, restaurant, hotel, or business, call Damico today for an estimate at 615-815-6015.

In addition to the Greater Nashville Area, Damico Gallery also proudly serves the surrounding regions of the Southeast.

Hanging Large Pieces of Artwork, Awkwardly Shaped Projects, and Hard to Reach Items

picture hanging
We put all of these items on their respective walls. Do you have something tricky to hang? Give us a call!

Many homeowners and businesses need large awards and special projects hung professionally. No framed item or special project is too big or too small for our team. We understand the logistics of hanging very large or awkwardly shaped items, such as guitars or even very large commemorative flags. We use tools and mounting hardware that are appropriate for your walls, such as hanging on stone walls, brick, concrete, or drywall.

The materials and skill we use will secure your treasures to whatever wall you have without the threat of falling. Although, when it comes to hanging mirrors and pictures, we make no guarantees for earthquakes and explosions! For an estimate, call us today at 615-815-6015.

Types of Items We Hang

Professional picture hanging means we are capable of hanging nearly every type of photo, picture, mirror, antique, artwork, instrument, or special project. We also know how to arrange items of various sizes, shapes, and weights to create gallery walls in your home, office, or business. This includes over-sized mirrors and artwork, portrait and print collections, insect collections, prized instruments, and much more. Did you know we also hang photo wallpaper and custom printed wall murals? Call us today for an estimate at 615-815-6015.

Our expertise lies in art, décor, mirrors, and other wall-hung artifacts, but if you need draperies or other window treatments installed, please see our friends at Camille Moore Window Treatments & Custom Bedding.

How Long Does It Take to Hang Artwork?

Hanging pictures can be difficult due in part to finding the best location and height for display. Other factors include awkward shapes and sizes. We always come equipped with the materials needed to hang your project, but there are still details to consider such as weighing, measuring, and leveling. Some projects move along quickly while others may be more time-consuming.

We are efficient with all hanging projects and take our time to ensure your valued items are properly and securely in place. And when a project takes longer, you pay nothing additional because we charge based on a flat rate instead of by the hour. For an estimate, call us today at 615-815-6015.

Tools Used to Hang Mirrors, Pictures, and Special Projects

What we use to hang objects is dependent upon the size, material, shape, and weight of your items. All of that is in relation to the kind of wall upon which they will be hung, such as drywall, stone, brick, or concrete. Many hanging jobs require a level, drill, and hammer. But we may need to use stud finders and special hardware.

We also use hardware you would expect, such as screws and nails, wire, D-rings, hanging wire, and other helpful items. We are always prepared with the proper tools and hardware to make our visit as efficient as possible. Call us today for an estimate at 615-815-6015.

Professional Picture Hanging

We have been professionally handling and installing artwork, mirrors, photographs, and other special projects for more than 10 years. You can be certain of our experience and skill to safely and beautifully hang your artwork, photographs, mirrors, collections, antiques, specialty items, and most anything else you can imagine on your walls. We can take away the logistic and aesthetic pressure of hanging your projects so that they become a great focal point in your home or business. Call us today for an estimate at 615-815-6015.