Wall display of picture frame options at Damico Gallery
Picture frame options at Damico Art Gallery

Our picture framing services are all about design and preservation. More than technicians, we are fully staffed by artists and crafts-people.

  1. Our priority for your picture frame is to ensure every piece is protected.
  2. Next, we want your artwork and photography to be accented by what we do.
  3. Lastly, it needs to look great in whatever space you’re going to put it.

And if you end up designing an entire room around a picture frame or art frame we create for you, that wouldn’t surprise us at all. You wouldn’t be the first!

Our mat cutting services use one of the most advanced computerized mat cutter made. With our Wizard mat cutter we can cut complex mats, multi opening mats, letters and shape opening in mats, bulk order mats, or just get totally new and creative with mat concepts with customers. All mats cut with perfect accuracy. To read all about it check out our blog about the mat cutter HERE

When it comes to pricing, we literally have thousands of options for picture framing. Thus, we strongly recommend that you come in and see for yourself. We can certainly find the right look and at the right price for you. Free quotes with no obligation.

Turnaround times: The very nature of custom work can be rather unpredictable. After the pandemic, our turnaround times have been greatly disrupted. Holidays, product availability, and other factors can affect timelines. Please understand we will do everything in our power to have orders ready in a timely manner but due to many circumstances workflow continues to be affected.

Tight deadline? No problem! Just let us know right away and we can often meet your time frame in a pinch. NOTE: We do charge extra for the expedited service.