Our printing services are based on a simple method of pricing without preference to big companies or private individuals. It all costs the same. And we handle every project of every size with the same care. We have spent years dedicated to keeping the most popular kinds of papers and canvas products in stock. But we only include products that meet very strict criteria for archiving and consistency. We are pros at finding that magical intersection between high quality and acceptable pricing.

What Exactly Is “Giclée,” Anyway?

Canvas prints also refers to giclée prints. If you are looking for giclée prints in the Nashville area, you probably already know what they are. But just in case, giclée is a French word which loosely translates to “sprayed.” It is a fitting name because it refers to the method of production. We use the latest inkjet printing technology. The ink is actually sprayed onto various print media types.

inkjet printing, giclee, canvas prints

We provide the absolute finest canvas print and giclée printing services you can get. Hands down! That includes our scanning services too. We scan everything from paintings and watercolors to photo negatives and slides. Older methods of print reproduction involved expensive photographic prints or high quantity lithographs. These required the artist or photographer to print hundreds or even thousands of prints at a time.

But those days are gone! As technology has become more and more sophisticated in the digital age, it has also become smaller. This enables us to reproduce digital images with space age detail. That also means we can provide you with a more affordable and creative method of reproduction for many kinds of digital images converted into canvas prints.

Since the print head actually uses ink jet, it is able to print on a range of print materials. These include canvas, heavy art paper, watercolor paper, and vinyl.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular print materials we use with our print technologies.

Maximum quality means our printers are set on the highest performance settings available. Sure, it’s a slower process than average printing because it applies the highest ink density and blending available. We also printing on high-grade fine art papers and canvas. It really can’t get any better. Additionally, we always research options to ensure you get the best blend of price and quality for these high-grade materials. That is the recommended approach for printing giclees and canvas prints.

  • Matte Canvas = Durable, low weave texture, heavy, archival, high-quality cotton fine art canvas, includes satin UV coating.
  • Matte Fine Art Paper – Hot Press Rag Paper = Heavy cotton fine art paper, super smooth, velvety rich colors, ideal for almost anything.
  • Matte Textured Fine Art – Cold Press Paper = Heavy cotton blended textured fine art paper, ideal for watercolors but can be used for many other applications.
  • Gloss Metallic Paper = metallic iridescent quality.


Production-grade printing also includes the use of archival materials and inks that are built to last. But if cost is your biggest concern, production-grade printing is definitely the solution. In this case, we set our printers to operate faster and use as little ink as possible without compromising the stunning beauty of the printing capability. This covers everything from cost-driven canvas prints and photography to various commercial printing needs.

  • Matte Polyester Canvas = Durable, lightweight, high-quality polyester fine art canvas, includes satin UV coating.
  • Matte Premium Paper = lighter weight than our max quality materials, brilliant white, and archival.
  • Satin Medium Luster Paper = standard photo paper, medium satin finish, slight tooth.
  • Gloss Paper = standard photo paper, very smooth, high gloss.
  • Wall Paper and Mural Paper = Dry hung, perfect for large scale printing on walls, dimensionally stable, matte material, durable, safe for public areas, safe to touch, easy to clean, includes rugged satin UV coating (does not include installation).
  • Semi-Permanent Removable Wallpaper and Mural Paper = perfect for large-scale printing on walls or things you need to remove, easy to remove, won’t damage walls, won’t come off until you take it off, matte textile texture.

Benefits of Using the Giclée Process

Using giclée prints allows artists and photographers at every level to archive their work in a way that emulates the original. You have the ability to produce as many or as few as you would like. Giclée is great for photographers of all levels, from amateur shooting with a simple point-and-click device to a seasoned photographer shooting with the most sophisticated equipment. Giclée prints also give artists the ability to provide new looking reproductions of their drawings, paintings, and more. Even 3-D and digital artists can get in on the fun! You can have your work photographed and reproduce prints of that work for many applications, such as portfolio presentation and resale!

How We Do It

Our equipment is literally the best on the planet. We use the latest 44″ wide format aqueous-based printers by Epson, which uses cutting-edge technology. Our print heads are capable of producing a droplet on the microscopic scale giving us the widest range of color, clarity, and detail. Additionally, we are using only Epson manufactured inks which ensure the highest quality when it comes to color, UV resistance, and archivability. Our printers are designed for quality and that is truly what sets us apart as a producer of giclée service, including canvas prints.

Delivering Print-Ready Digital Files for your Canvas Prints

The giclée process does require any original piece (painting or photograph) to be in digital format. Artwork, photos, and transparencies must be scanned or photographed with high resolution equipment. We prefer that you send these to us through an online file transferring platform, such as Dropbox. Please do so in the form of a JPG, TIFF, or PSD. Make sure to save the files at the final print size and at least 300 dpi. We can also accept a flash drive, CD, etc. delivered to our location. If you are unsure how to save your files, please call us at 615-815-6015. We will gladly walk you through the process and remove any confusion.