Art made to order / Custom Art:

We are experts at listening to- and interpreting- your needs and wants when it comes to art and photography. We are highly accomplished artists and curators ourselves.

We can design custom art to fit your space. Give us a color palate, subject and style and we can make it. Don’t know what you want or need? No problem! We can create custom art by looking at photos of where the piece will be on display. Or we can simply learn more about you and come up with an idea that speaks to your passions. 

From concept to installation, we can jump in at any stage of your need for custom art. 

Art Broker:

We are connected with thousands of artists who might already have the perfect piece you’re looking for.

Our team has a solid understanding of the market value of work. We also know how to conduct due diligence on pricing and quality. 

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you connect with the art you want.