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How to Sell on Etsy

by zepplin153 | July 24th, 2017

One of the questions we get asked pretty regularly is: how do I sell on Etsy? At this stage, most of you have already done quite a bit of homework. But you’re ready to take the final steps and start listing your artwork on a 3rd-party shop. But first, you still need more data and […]

Scanning and Printing Services: July 2017 FREEBIE!

by zepplin153 | June 30th, 2017

Did you know we offer scanning and printing services? We’ve been doing it for years and it’s no joke to say that we are absolute pros at it, too! By the way, we proudly tout that we are using the best printer on the planet when it comes to reproducing your scanned images….literally. But what’s […]

Framing Scams: Targeting Artists & What To Do – Part 3

by zepplin153 | June 22nd, 2017

NOTE: This is Part Three of a three-part series. Part One is found here and Part Two is found here. Scammers Are Targeting Artists, Too! As I stated at the outset, every industry has scammers now. Lately, I have even seen professional independent artists who are good friends and customers of mine targeted by the same […]

Framing Scams: Sample & Red Flags – Part 2

by zepplin153 | June 22nd, 2017

NOTE: This is Part Two of a three-part series. Part One is found here. A link to Part Three is at the bottom of the page. Sample Picture Framing Scam Correspondence This is a classic example of emails I receive from scammers periodically (copied and pasted). Noteworthy items/red flags are marked with the ➡ arrow: […]

Beware of Custom Picture Framing Scams – Part 1

by zepplin153 | June 22nd, 2017

by Michael Damico NOTE: This is Part One of a three-part series. Links to the subsequent articles are at the bottom of the page. Before I begin, please note that this warning applies to custom picture framers. I have not yet heard of specific picture framing scams directed at customers, but I’m sure they’re out […]

Spring Cleaning Tip for Picture Frames

by zepplin153 | June 2nd, 2017

Actually summer is almost here officially, but if you’re like us, you might be a little behind on some spring cleaning. When you’re ready to wipe down those precious framed photos on your walls, shelves, and desks, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right kind of cleaner. Just what kind would that be? Well, […]

The Business of Art – Fine Art, Photography, Crafts

by zepplin153 | May 9th, 2017

How to Develop Collectors of your Fine Art Work, Photography, Crafts, and More

Epson Printer Head Cleaning and Nozzle Check

by zepplin153 | May 9th, 2017

A quick discussion about care: cleaning and checking nozzles on the Epson 9890 printer. Also addressing the question, “should I get one for myself?” This Epson printer model is really designed for daily professional use.

Benefits of Digital Photo Restoration

by zepplin153 | May 5th, 2017

Looking for some photo restoration of old family shots or even old newspaper images? Maybe you have prints that have faded, been torn at the edges, or even shredded from broken glass….or a broken heart! Have no fear because we’ve got the solution. You know, before digital technology allowed for photo manipulation, it had to […]

The Perfect Storm: How the Weather Changed my Fine Art

by zepplin153 | April 20th, 2017

by Michael Damico Sometime during my senior year at the University of Central Florida, I rented my first art studio in a nearby town called Eustis. I suppose it was late 2004 or early 2005. Even though I was an artist, the concept of an actual studio was new to me. It was a great […]

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