Our scanning equipment is literally cutting edge. We have scanners using the finest of german optics. Sounds fancy right? The difference is in the focus which allows the Versascan a whopping optical scan resolution of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range at 48 bit color depth. That’s twice what the competition is capable of. We are so confident you will be blown away with our equipment that we invite you to come see for yourself.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert on resolutions, dpi, ppi, color depth, pixels, gigabytes, color management, color space, RGB, CMYK, SRGB, or whatever-it’s-called. Just call us. We will guide you to an informed decision. And hey, if you ARE really familiar with these things, then we can speak your language too. 

Our scanning services are comprehensive. It is more than using the best methods of capturing images. It’s also exploiting more than 50 years combined experience in editing and color correction. And as technology grows, we grow with it by constantly learning more. Some of this comes from our clients and some from outside input, such as from our manufacturers. Then there is trial and error because scanning and editing is a never-ending process of upgrades and efficiency. We also take the time to read, research, and even develop our own techniques.

Furthermore, we are so frequently exposed to editing that it naturally improves our understanding and intuition of how to achieve an objective in imaging. This goes far beyond a standard set of adjustments. And that is something that is completely different from what our competitors offer. In fact, they don’t even really compete with us in this arena. While we definitely have some overlapping products, services, and production methods, it’s our understanding of these moving parts and pieces – combined with our know-how – that separates us from the pack.

  • Lowest Prices and Extremely High Quality (Way better than photographing art)
  • Capture 3-D Texture with Crisp Detail and Perfect Color (see pictures below)
  • 600ppi Optical Scan (1:1 pixel to sensor ratio no interpolation)
  • 1200ppi Capable for Maps and Documents (math involved here, we can scan up to 4GB)
  • No Size Limits on Art Photos or Documents (well, we have to fit it in the building)
  • Depth of art is no problem if you have a super thick surface or frame
  • In many cases art can be scanned if it’s already framed (even behind glass)
  • Same Day Service available
  • 1-3 Business Day Turnaround (usually, so let us know if you have time constraints)
  • Items we can scan:
    • Paintings/Drawings/Pastel
    • Etchings/Engravings
    • Photos/Documents
    • Paper/Canvas/Panels
    • Precious/Delicate/Fragile
    • Have another idea? Let’s chat.